IRH basic 300W


Size (mm)

Weight (kg)

Performance (W)

Voltage (V)

“basic” 300W

592 x 592 x 27


The IRH “basic” infrared heaters are 2.7 cm thick and are available in 2 standard sizes with heating capacities of 300W, 450W, 750W and 1000W. Both models with their respective performances are the most cost-effective infrared heaters in our product line. The heating units from the IRH “basic“ series are robust with a smooth white surface.

They are laterally riveted and have the IP20 protection class. Because of their attractive size, the heaters from the IRH “basic” series can be used in the most diverse rooms. Both infrared heaters can be horizontally or vertically mounted on the wall or ceiling using the supplied installation profile.

The Advantages

  • Excellent price-performance-ratio, our most affordable product
  • No repair or maintenance costs
  • Healthy heating (without the spread of dust particles and without the air over heating and drying out)
  • 1.70 m power cable, white, with shockproof plug
  • Light weight, easy to mount
  • 5-year guarantee

IRH basic 300W

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